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Working hours registry software

So that your employees can mark their working day and comply with the regulations

The time tracking tool

Our hour control application allows your employees to perform the actions of recording their hours complying with current regulations. In an easy way you can:

  • Record the entries and exits of each worker.
  • Obtaining reports of hours worked and pending hours.
  • Comply with current regulations that require employers to keep a record of hours.

Control Panel

Time tracking software for employees

From the App in 5 seconds

Employees can update their hours through the App, both for Android and for iOs.

From anywhere, in just a few seconds.

As easy as just pushing a button.

Time tracking software for employees

Also from the web

You can also perform the signing or unloading operation through our web interface.

Working hours registry software

Working hours registry software

Reports and other information of interest

Both to demonstrate in case of inspection that you are complying with the regulations and to know the hours worked by your employees, you can generate reports at any time in just one click.

Working hours registry software

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